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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Serviced Offices by Regus

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Serviced Offices by Regus


The UK-based Regus Group, the world’s leading workplace provider, is confident that it can further build on its business growth in Thailand this year, saying that demand for fully-equipped office space is rasing steadily.

Filippo Sarti the group’s chief executive for Asia Pacific said the rise in demand was due mainly to buoyant economic growth in Asia including Thailand.

“The strong Asian growth ha attracted a lot of foreign investors, who have come here to explore business opportunities. And they also need offices where they can come in and start work immediately,” he said.

The office space they prefer should be fully equipped with well-trained support staff, meeting rooms, workstations, telephones, fax, Internet and mail-handling services.

On the other hand, the supply of conventional office space has been limited due to the scarcity of new office building developments since the 1997 crisis.

“We’re seeing rapid growth for property outsourcing in Asia Pacific as an increasing number of organizations look to more effectively manage their business risk, maximize their financial resources and in crease their flexibility,” Mr. Sarti said.

He added that the business of Regus in the region did very well last year with 250% growth in term of assets after it acquired eight business centers in China, Hong Kong-based Plaza Business centers.

The plaza acquisition will take the total number of Regus business centers in the region to 53, up from 24 at the beginning of 2005. Regus will add in excess of 12,300 square meters to its office network, including 900 workstations and seven conferences centers.

“Asia Pacific is very important and we’re looking to expand more in this region such as entering India for the first time and increasing new centers in our existing areas such as Japan, Korea and China Mr. Sarti said.

In Bangkok, Regus has two business centers at All Season Place on Wireless Road-one in M Thai Tower and another in CRC Tower-which was used to belong to Plaza. The third Regus business center is scheduled to open at Q House Lumpini Center in March.

“Our business in Bangkok is really good. The occupancy rate at M Thai Tower was very high throughout last year and we hope it will continue this year,” Mr Sarti said.

He said Regus would look to change the perception of customers to try ready-to-use office spaces as an alternative because they are more flexible and convenient than conventional offices. The average stay at a Regus office is 20 months.

Regus now has 750 business centers in 60 countries and features four brands which are Regus Business centers, HQ Global Work-place, Straits and Business Meeting Place.